Things to Do on Sunday

Things to Do on Sunday

Sunday! The day which brings smile on your face. The day which can turn you up. The day which can make you feel happy after long working schedule. Yes Sunday has always been a special day in everyone’s life. Isn’t it? Sundays are cherished. Sundays are celebrated and Sundays are regarded to be the most wanted. I want Sunday to come as soon as possible. I hope you do also. What makes Sundays so special? Well, there are lots of things to be discussed about it. There is whole Christian theory and Sunday being the Sabbath day. What do we consider Sunday to be special? Is it because it is a holiday? Guess what, it is…

 Sunday is Special


Since our childhood, we have all been fascinated by Sunday. We used to play whole the day. Sunday is special because if brings smile, happiness in everyone’s life. After working long in offices, the employers feel happy on Sundays. After working hard in the mills, the labors feel rejoiced on Sundays. After going schools for all six days, they all love Sundays. Sundays hold a great importance in our lives. No other days are as important as Sunday is. There is a concrete reason behind it. And what’s that, we all know it. That reason is great enough to hide all other reasons behind Sunday being so special for all of us. Working – non working, retired, students, all the people from young to old, they all love Sunday. And who doesn’t? After all, it’s Sunday and Sunday means no work, only fun and enjoyment. Sunday is the only day which makes you feel happy from inside. After working long all the time every day, all you need is just to sit and relax. And Sunday is the when you can do all enjoyment. After all it’s Sunday.

Sunday is Funday

If you gonna ask any kid, which day does he likes most. You will get only one reply. No doubt it’s Sunday! Why so?

Because Sunday is a Funday and Funday means all the day enjoyment to the fullest. We all forget our worries, tensions, problems and just we enjoy being relaxed and make the most of it anyhow. People often make their plans how spend their Sundays. Some go out and enjoy, visiting some tourist destinations, having lunch or dinner in any good restaurants, or going to parties or club, some hang out with friends, watching movies in theatre, shopping in malls and several others ways are there to spend a memorable Sunday with others. Some remain alone and spend whole the day within them. So, that’s how majority of people do on their Sundays. What I do, I most of the time remain busy visiting places, poetry events and stuff like that. So my Sunday is also very hectic one and can be said a little busy. So what about you? What do you do on Sundays? Do you have any plan on this Sunday? Check out our list of “What to do on Sunday?” to find out what one can do on Sunday:

What are the Things to Do on Sunday? 

Things to do on Sunday

Place: Decide and Derive

The first thing which strikes my mind while making program for Sunday is to go to visit a place. Any place which is good enough to visit. Say a historical monument or a restaurant or a mall, it can be anything. I usually don’t plan but when I go out then I decide where to go. So it’s better if you plan before you leave for the place. Visiting historical places is a good way to spend your Sunday as it will also provide you knowledge so it will be serving two purposes. A little planning is better so that unexpected incidents can be avoided to make the journey memorable.

Hanging out with Friends

Sundays are meant to be celebrated out. Everyone has own plans to make the best of it. And if it is about sitting with old friends, remembering old days. Friends sit with chai (tea) and pakoda. These are some of the best moments to be spent told by friends. College friends and long drive on bikes, and there are other ways people love to enjoy on Sundays. Especially if you are in Delhi NCR, there are hundreds of ways to make the Sundays memorable.

Movie and Shopping

There people like who don’t find time on working days, devote the Sundays for shopping and movies. Though I don’t prefer movies, but yes Sundays can be good for shopping. As you are free and you have whole the day to spend, shopping can be a good option for a couple of hours. I have often herd people saying that girls spend too much time while shopping though I personally have never experienced that if it is a reality or not. Else watching movie on weekend is a good mind refresher.

Visiting Someone/Friends/Relatives

On Sunday, we can visit our friends or relatives. If they aren’t too much far and can be visited in a day then it is a good option to follow. I myself visit my home most of time on weekends. This is also among the things to do on Sunday.

Write on Weekend

People who love to write but due to their busy schedule are not able to write much, they can sit and write down whole events of a week. One can make notes and with help of those notes, sit down and write everything out of those notes. Writing a daily diary is a good thing still if there are time constraints, you can note down the basic points and then elaborate them on Sundays. We can include it in the list of things to do on Sunday.

Do Creative on Sundays

Everyone doesn’t have time on working days. So if you have habits, habits of writing, habits of painting, drawing, art, sketching and others, you can perform them on Sundays. Get a place to work on where you find fewer disturbances and start working on your creativity. Creativity can be among the top of the list of things to do on Sunday.

Well, everyone has their own ways of spending Sundays. Everyone has their own plans and schedules. Whatever is written here is based on discussion and observation, so it may or may not meet your schedules. These above mentioned are some of the basic things which we all prefer to do, though they may or may not be practiced by everyone in their lives. But one thing is sure Sunday is a Funday and should be celebrated.

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