July 2017

Madhogarh Fort

Not to be confused with Madhogarh fort Rajasthan (Fort Madhogarh), this fort is in Mahendergarh (Mohindergarh) district of Haryana state. I have always wanted to visit and explore this place. Though not too far from my hometown, this place has been always in my visiting list. But finally I made it to this place. Madhogarh fort is among the few hill forts in Haryana. I visit another hill fort in

trekking in tosh

After spending the morning in the lap of nature at Tosh, we finally decided to make our ways back to Jari. We left the café and walked the same way we came here. We were coming down using that narrow stony path, surrounded by trees and flowers. There were water pipes, probably for the cafés which were on the top of the hills. While we were coming down, I saw

Morning in Tosh

I remember the childhood days when I used to sleep in my mother’s lap. She would sing some sweet lullaby and I would go in some different horizon for hours. But here, I was lost in the lap of Mother Nature. And sound of insects, the chirr was nothing less than any lullaby. The ambient sound was so soothing. And the cold night, with natural purity, the blue night started

Moments in Tosh

We finally made it to Tosh in evening. When I saw the village from outside, my first reaction was ‘wow!’ I mean this place has real natural beauty which I have been searching so far. The village is small and located on hills. There are so many house stays and restaurants round the year people keep visiting this place. For entering in the village, we just had to cross a

A Day in Tosh

The second day of my Kasol trip reached to Tosh. Tosh, a highly underrated place in the hills, is one of the most beautiful places in the state. I never heard this name but Alex told me about this place and we made a plan to visit Tosh. So, the day we reached Jari, we decided to go Tosh and Kasol, which was on the way. We were literally tired