Best Hollywood Travel Movies

So you are a traveller or you are looking for reasons to travel? Wait; let me ask you an easy question, what inspires you to travel? A friend of yours, the nature, the wildlife or anything else? Have you ever been inspired by movies? Yes you heard me right. Movies can inspire you to travel and roam around the world. Here in this post, we are talking about best Hollywood

love train journey

When I was a small kid, my family took me to Delhi in train. That was the first I travelled in train (if my memory is sharp enough). We as kid used to get excited whenever we used to see a train. Most of the time, it used to happen when we used to stop by a railway crossing. There used to a long traffic queue. We kids used to

Traveling with friends

Travelling is an amazing experience. And when it comes to travelling with friends, the fun never ends. We create some of the best memories with friends which we always want to remember and cherish throughout our lives. As you know some of the best memories are created with friends when we are on our road trip to a remote location. Friends can be our best travelling companions or they can

Jungle Camping

Ever since man has taken his first walk on this earth, he has been wandering here and there in search of things which please him. And travelling from one place to other has been the best way to explore things around him. His quest to explore this nature has led him deep into the woods surrounded by wild flora and fauna. Be it jungle camping or spending time in caves,

Road trips are fun

Whenever close my eyes and imagine this word ‘road trip’, all I can picture is an open road, hills and trees, calm weather, a car, long journey, road side dhaba, small halts, people and  great fun . Road trips are always exciting and amazing. All I can say is that if I want to travel from one place to the other, I would love to prefer a road trip. Road

Solo travel

Traveling is indeed a great experience. Every person loves to travel. When it comes to travelling alone, the excitement becomes double. Yes, most of the people prefer solo travel. Just pack your bags and leave the town. Solo travelling is highly adventurous and full of excitement. I have always wanted to do solo travelling to some far off place. Now travelling alone to such a far place is really a

Hindi Travel Songs Every Traveller Must Listen

So you are a traveller and are planning for some amazing destination. You have done all homework; you have packed everything and boarded the flight. But wait, did you forget something? No? Check again… Wait. A journey without travel playlist is boring. Music on the journey adds excitement and prevents any boredom which you may feel while you are travelling be it flight, or train or bus. Of course, you

Things to do while travelling

Travelling is something everyone wants to do. Be it for any reason, traveling to some near or far places always remains in the to do list of everyone. And there are so many people who leave their regular 9 to 6 job, and start exploring the world. Either they take a road trip or by any other means they travel around. Then there are the people who take out sometime

Madhogarh Fort

Not to be confused with Madhogarh fort Rajasthan (Fort Madhogarh), this fort is in Mahendergarh (Mohindergarh) district of Haryana state. I have always wanted to visit and explore this place. Though not too far from my hometown, this place has been always in my visiting list. But finally I made it to this place. Madhogarh fort is among the few hill forts in Haryana. I visit another hill fort in

trekking in tosh

After spending the morning in the lap of nature at Tosh, we finally decided to make our ways back to Jari. We left the café and walked the same way we came here. We were coming down using that narrow stony path, surrounded by trees and flowers. There were water pipes, probably for the cafés which were on the top of the hills. While we were coming down, I saw