Perishable Food Items

Food is among the basic needs of life. We all have studied how the man started to cook food.  We all know the history of evolution and developmental phases of human life, and how food and fire played the role. Let’s not go in to too deep and stick to our main subject. Storing and packaging food is really an important step which everyone should take to save and preserve

Bombay Best Pav Bhaji

I know this place since 2011 and have been visiting there since then. We would go there after college. This place has some many memories.  This place is very famous in nearby places and you will it much crowded all the time. I am talking about Bombay Best Pav  Bhaji. As the name suggests, this place promises to offer you some of the best deliciousness you have taste so far.

Gurgaon Shopping Malls

Gurgaon or Gurugram being the IT hub is also a place where you can shop and hangout. The place known to offer a wonderful shopping experience, welcomes you with a wide range national and international retail outlets, world famous food restaurants chains and a lot more. Gurgaon which is now also known as Gurugram is not only famous for corporate sector, but also is a famous place for leisure activities.

Famous Coffee Quotes

One fine morning, I was sipping my hot coffee in the winter season; I thought that while I am sipping my coffee, millions of people are also doing in some ways. Be it black coffee, hot or cold, but people drink it. And this beverage becomes one of the most consumed beverages all over the globe. And this idea popped up in my mind. Coffee must have been a favourite

Breakfast around the Globe

A healthy breakfast makes you stay active for whole the day. The very first thing to do in the morning before you leave for your office is to do breakfast. As per the facts, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This gives us energy for whole the day. It can be in several forms. I remember my breakfast when I was a high school student.

Hyderabadi Foods

Hyderabad, the sprawling capital of the Nizams, offers an amalgamation of Turkish, Arabic and Mughal cuisines with a touch of local flavors. Often called the Deccani cuisine, Hyderabadi Cuisine (Hyderabadi Foods), it comprises an array of mouthwatering dishes from the famous Hyderabadi Biryani to delicious kebabs and delectable sweets and desserts. The Nizams had a passion for food and architecture which is clearly reflected in the culture of this truly

Famous Coffee Quotes

Sometimes a cup of coffee is all you need. A cup of coffee takes away all your pain away. It reminds me Jackie Chan’s quote “Coffee is a language in itself.” Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the whole world. One of the largest consumed beverages, around 83% is consumed in US alone. No matter what, where or how you drink, coffee is always a choice of

Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium is a mineral which is very important for the regular functioning of our body. If we don’t take magnesium on a regular basis, our body may fail to produce enough energy leading to poor body function. It may also lead to music contraction and the body will fail to adjust the cholesterol level which is produced and released into our bloodstream. This mineral is required for the body to

Sector 4 Huda Market Gurgaon

I spent most of my college life in sector 4 Gurgaon. I stayed there for more than two years because my hostel was in Sector 4 which was very close to Sector 4 Huda market, just at walking distance. And this place has become like a neighbourhood to me. May be that’s the reason I have been staying around Sector 4 Huda market since then. I came here in Gurgaon

Finding Food in Kathmandu

While staying in the guest house in Thapathalli, Kathmandu, I guess I was the only vegan there. Moreover, staying in a different land, for the first time isn’t that much simple. It wasn’t that much easy for me to adapt the things, however it wasn’t very different from my land. But still there were some sort of problems that I had to face. The food cooked at the guest house