Travel Diary

Finding Food in Kathmandu

While staying in the guest house in Thapathalli, Kathmandu, I guess I was the only vegan there. Moreover, staying in a different land, for the first time isn’t that much simple. It wasn’t that much easy for me to adapt the things, however it wasn’t very different from my land. But still there were some sort of problems that I had to face. The food cooked at the guest house

Roaming in Kathmandu Markets

I found Kathmandu markets as similar as the ones we have in our areas especially in Delhi. The busy roads, narrow streets, roadside stalls, people walking down the road, bikes, cars, buses and it was all as busy and crowded as we see around. However, one thing that captured my attention was the contribution of women in local markets. I saw women in shops as equal as the men were

Visit to Kathmandu Monasteries

  When we visited Kathmandu, we had no information about the place. We didn’t plan; we didn’t make any schedule of visiting places, which we should have done. It short the trip to Kathmandu was all a hit in the dark and somehow I was able to make it. I had my phone but it wasn’t working in Nepal. And so was with my other friend. No access to internet,

Regular Train Journeys

Travelling is an amazing experience, especially in trains. While you are travelling in train, you will get to see the green, panoramic view outside. No matter if you are travelling in a local passenger train or have reserved your seat in AC coach of any express train, train journey is indeed a mesmerising one. For those who have trouble travelling in other vehicles such as buses, trains are more comfortable

Restaurants in Dubai for Health Conscious Foodie

Are You A Health Conscious Foodie? Follow my blog with Bloglovin When we venture to a new land for a holiday with our friends or family, we tend to use it as an excuse to eat badly and let go of all of our healthy habits we try so hard to keep in check back home. A big challenge the health conscious foodie often face is the choice of food

famous markets in Delhi

Delhi, the national capital of India, is one of the ancient cities in the country. A city which speaks of its glorious past, it has always been a choice of everyone to visit. From ancient monuments to food places, from world famous auto expos, trade fairs and book fairs to local and international markets, this place has got everything what one can look for. One side, Delhi has some of

Top Ten Ancient Historical Buildings of Delhi

Delhi is among the most ancient and historical places of India. This place dates back to period 300BC during the Maurya. This place has been mentioned in mythologies thus is believed to be very ancient place. As the city has a great historical significance in the Indian history, it’s important to know about Delhi. Moreover, it’s a fun indeed to have a look at the ancient historical buildings of Delhi,

Let's Start Travelling

Let’s Travel: Travelling to Explore Travelling around the world is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever have in life. There’s no one who would deny traveling. It’s a fun, adventure and full of knowledge. It exposes you to different places, people, culture and no doubt delicious food. Travelling exposes you to the new, different dimensions of life. It gives immense pleasure and a feeling of freedom. One

A Day at Taj Mahal

Most of the time, my journeys (especially short term) are unplanned. I usually don’t sit and schedule them as I am always not sure if I will be stretching myself for them. However my long term journey (from Delhi to Kathmandu) was too an unplanned event where I had mixed situations of trouble and pleasure.  Considering how I plan to travel, it’s always I sleep with no plan and next

Ladakh: The Natural Abode

Discover Ladakh  Situated in the lap of nature, full of mesmerizing beauty, Ladakh has been bestowed with the heavenly advantages on this earth by the nature. In the north, the Kunlun mountain range and the main Great Himalayas to the south further make it an amazing place what we hear in fairy tales on this earth. The snow fall from the heaven, grace of God, makes it more divine. The