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Art Exhibition at AIFACS, New Delhi

Delhi is the city of artists. From handicrafts to digital, visual artists, you will find everyone here. Young, struggling, established everyone happens to visit here once, no matter if it is an art exhibition where they get to showcase their unique talent to the world. There are several organization, government and NGOs which are working to support these artists, to give them platform. In this very context, I visited the

Food Joints at Gurgaon Dreamz

Gurgaon or Gurugram, is the place where you can get everything. From being a world famous IT hub and business centre, the place also has some of the best leisure and recreational facilities. From big shopping malls to multi – cuisines restaurants and hotels, Gurugram turns out to be an ideal place to hang out no matter if you are alone, with your friends or family. We visit places to

Famous Street Food Places in Delhi

From Paranthe Wali Gali to Moolchand Paranthe Wala  When it comes to paranthas in Delhi, there are many places from small dhabas to restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of paranthas. But there are two special places, which tops the list. One is the most famous Paranthe Wali Gali near Chandani Chauk and second is Moolchand Paranthe Wala at Moolchand Metro Station. Both the places are always on the

Gurgaon or Gurugram

Gurgaon is world famous IT and BPO hub. A place close to Delhi, Gurgaon falls under the National Capital Territory of Delhi, just some 30Km from it. Being in NCR, this place has much influence of the national capital. From lifestyle to business, this place has always attracted people not from different part of the country but also abroad. Gurgaon has done rapid developments in recent years in terms of

What is your health strategy?

‘Heath is the greatest wealth.’ We have heard this lot of time. Good health is the sign of good and happy life. Every person on this earth wants to stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically. Be it a student, a businessman, a housewife, health is among the primary concerns of every person on this planet. Not only the man, but the animals always wish to stay healthy and

how to start your morning

They say if morning is good, the whole day will be good and if the good is not so good, it may ruin your whole day. Because we believe if the starting of some work is okay, the ending will be all okay. Same goes with our mornings also. Morning is the start of the day. So, it becomes very important to have bright, energetic and full of positive energy,

dessert you should try in winters

Winters bring some of the most delicious and sweetest desserts to enjoy. Imagine sitting in the warm blanket and enjoying some amazing hot winter desserts. Or sitting around the fire with friends and then the desserts make the moments. Forget about the diet foods if you really want to enjoy the winters. Because nuts, pies, hot chocolates, cookies, puddings etc. will make you tempt over them and you won’t be

History of Pepsi

100 Glorious Years of Pepsi It is really astonishing to know how a single cold drink has become so famous and one of the largest selling brand of the world. This is the result of continuous efforts and story of struggle. Pepsi – Cola, being one of the most oldest cold drink brand, is widely celebrated and consumed all over the world on every occasion and on daily routine. FoodRavel

History of Pepsi Bottles

From a small drug store, to the world’s largest selling cold drink, Pepsi has changed its shapes and sizes. It had gone through several modifications in its logo, labeling, packaging and canning. From a small 100 ml bottle to large 2 liter bottle and from glass bottles to aluminium cans and plastic bottles, Pepsi came into our hands in many sizes and shapes. In the previous article, we studied about

Pepsi: The Story of Most Favorite Cold Drink

Pepsi is a household name of one of the world’s most favorite and most demanded carbonated beverage. This soft drink is so famous that even childhood memories are connected with it. Pepsi, being highly sought after drink, is found in every food café, every restaurant and in every house and every fridge. Be it any celebration, party, hang out, Pepsi makes a perfect celebration companion. For every decade, this soft