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The Crown of Indian Street Food: Gol Gappe

One of the most famous street food, I have experienced so far is Gol Gappa. People love it and have different names like Pani Puri, Pani ke Batashe etc. But in the real sense, this street food has been able to win the hearts of all the food lover, be he from any part. If you are a street food lover, and you menu list doesn’t have gol gappa into,

food and travel

I have been writing about food and travel for just a few days and started to analyze my ways on this special domain. What attracts me the most is how culture is connected to the food and how people enjoy eating out, in restaurants, dhabas, café and all other eateries? For me it’s a fun to visit places and watch everything live. From kitchen to table, food has always been

The Sunday Special

What makes your Sunday special? Do you really make your Sunday a memorable day after getting tired of six days working? I remember how Sunday used to be the most special day out of all days of a week. Sunday brings smile over the faces of people. Specially the kids, they enjoy their Sundays to the fullest. Well, I also used to back in the days. But now no such