Food and Travel

Food is the basic need of our life. And travelling! The exploration of food is based on travelling. Since man’s evolution and development, from the primitive age to the modernization, food and travel have been each other’s companions. There were many reasons for man to roam around. And one of the basic reason was the food. Till today, we travel and taste the food all around. Travelling and food has seen a great change throughout the history. Let’s not repeat the past to make it too deep about man’s struggle with raw food and then the invention of fire and agriculture. But now, the time is highly advanced, technical and sophisticated.

 Food and Travel

Foodravel is Food and Travel

From the seed to the plant, and the plant to the plant (industrial) and the process to the packaging, has highly revolutionized the life man is dependent on.  High technology has enabled the man to enjoy easy travelling and delicious food. It’s a fact that now people don’t have to travel only for food but they travel for more than food finding. And yes, one more thing, people pay for food and enjoy eating out in luxurious restaurants, which has really changed the definition of food and travelling.

Food and Travel

Food has changed it’s face, it’s present and future. What used to be the basic food has now been changed into a high style, status symbol icon. What you eat, how you eat and where you eat, define who you are! Same, where you travel, how you travel and why you travel, define your status in the society. That’s how modification of  basic requirements makes the part of daily schedule as per the use.

Gone are the days, when the man had to hunt and eat whatever he got. But now, we see every best food before our eyes. It’s all about the need. Though food a basic need, but which food, is now becoming more important. The lavish delicious food or mere “ghar ka khana” (home – made food). Time has changed everything. The needs are same but with different motive.

Ever since the life has evolved on this planet, two things have been highly sought after by the animals and these are food and shelter. Man’s hunt for food and shelter is a top of deep paleontological and anthropological discussion, but one thing is sure enough that these two things have played a very important part in our lives. Be it raw, uncooked food or the food which we eat today, there are many faces which man has not been able to see so far due to lack of evidences.
Food and Travel

Food and travelling both are faces of a single coin. You have to travel somewhere, you will be exploring great varieties of food. People from places to places often experience different sort of tastes. This is why, food and travel both go parallel with each other. Though I don’t travel much around the places, but whenever I do, the very first thing that catches me and everyone most is the culture. And food has always been an integral part of culture.

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