Food Freaks

Food Freaks is about the people who took one step ahead and came up with innovative ideas to offer people their tastes. There are many people who wish to open their own food restaurant so that people can taste the art of their hands. Whenever I come to about such people, I go to them and talk to them. From small stalls to bus and to well established restaurants, people have different tastes and enjoy and make others enjoy. Though I never happened to be that much foodie nor I know art of cooking, but yes during my hostel days, I used to cook for everyone and this is how my journey here started.
Recently I read about an investment banker who left his profession and jumped in to become “Dabba Walah”, Gurmeet Kochhar, is an inspiration for others. I wish someday I would meet and talk to him. There are many others who are just like him and doing their best.

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