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Travel diary includes all of my short and long distant travel stories which I have experienced and do on a regular basis. This may include visiting to a place, a historical monument, any restaurant or any city. While I will be traveling place to place, I will also be exploring food and culture, traditions and customs of that place which remains my main motive visiting any particular place.

Nepal Diary: An Unplanned Journey to Kathmandu

A travel memoir, Nepal Diary is my first visit to the country and even first travelling out of my country. I enjoyed the journey. Nepal is really a beautiful place to visit. It has the natural beauty which gives peace to your eyes. The travel memoir describes how I planned my journey from Gurgaon to Kathmandu (though there was no planning, it happened all of sudden). I along with my friends went there and stayed there for some days. There are many things to  be discussed in Nepal Diary, like how did we go there, how did we reach, what did we eat, where did we stay and many more thing which was really a wonderful experience. Some experiences were good enough to be shared, and some are too bad. After all, it was a real learning experience. I explored many things. Things of heart, how we behave in situations, how we respond to them etc. While travelling to Nepal, I encountered so many things which I always wanted to share you everyone. No doubt it was all good, but still, as a travel memoir, I have always wanted to write about it. That’s how I started a short diary for my unforgettable visit to the country.

Nepal Diary

How have I started Nepal Diary?

Though, the journey took place couple of years back in 2013, but I have started to write about it now. Few memories have been fade away, yet on the basis of my senses, I will try to explain every memory in words which I remember to my senses completely. A journey of one week, in train, in bus, in cab and on foot, it was all about going to unknown from known. For short distances, we travel everyday, like going market, offices, school, colleges or some other place etc. But if you have to travel across the cities and out of the border, that too when you get tired of sitting in a bus, is that tiredly wonderful which should be challenged. Nepal Diary is not too lengthy historical account, I have tried to write down every detail I remember in short description so that when on reads, he/she doesn’t get tired of reading.  The going and coming, both the journeys were awesome. Now lets’s open the pages of Nepal Diary and go!

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  • From Unplanned to Never Planned: Nepal Diary is a whole lot story of unplanned events. Some events were so amazing and we experienced the things which were never planned that some moments, things would turn out this way. So what happened and what was this from unplanned to never planned events? Here I have described the things at best of my memories. Though not completely, still I try to remember every little detail and will sketch out the description.
  • From Bus to Train: So, from the railway station, the train moved after with 10 minutes. I was told that we were not going in reversed compartment. I was little surprised that such a long journey that too without any reservation. Now the train started to move slowly. There was no space to get inside the train. I along with many others managed to put one foot over the foot-board while my rest of the body was hanging out side.
  • Across The Borders: The bus which we took from Gorakhpur to Sanauli, reached Sanauli in the morning. It took around three hours to reach the place. There we had to cross the border. I saw the place. A huge gate! Military was standing, this side Indian, the other side Nepalese. It was nothing like the border which I have seen in the movies.
  • From Border to Country’s Capital: So, the journey from the capital of India came to the border of Nepal. Now our next step was to get the bus to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. We reached Sonauli in the morning and crossed the border from here, the Indo – Nepal Border. After crossing the border and entering the land of Nepal, we planned to get fresh and have some light breakfast. Our team leader was quick and active. He went to the bus booking office and got our tickets. We had our breakfast, washed our faces which went dull and dried due to long journey.
  • The Capital: Whole New Experience: As soon as we got into our sleeping bags, we feel asleep. Moreover, we had reached pretty late there. The next morning, we were woken up. It’s a like a crime if someone wakes you up from a sweet sleep. No one wants to miss the morning slumber. Anyways that was not our home, not even our country. So, we had to get up early and were asked to go down stairs for Bible. The pastor and others were already sitting there. Only we were the guests. The pastor spoke something out of Bible which I couldn’t understand. I just wanted to sleep more.
  • Like a Roamer:Staying at the guesthouse at Thapathali at night and then in whole the day staying out with no fun. So, we both planned to run in the city and do something really exciting. As we were out of our own country and staying like this every day could spoil our visit. So, next day we got up planned something really amazing. Dinesh came up with my plans. I didn’t like. I was little worried about their side. Those people might get annoyed as we were staying at their place for free; we were staying there and eating there for free. Whatever that was I really wanted to run free. So the next morning, we were asked to come down sit and do some reading of bible.
  • No Phones, No Contacts, No Facebook: While staying in Kathmandu, we had to compromise with so many things. Food, liberty, money and so many other things as well. And yes, how can we forget about Facebook. You are in a place out of your country and you haven’t even updated your status and location on Facebook, its very strange. So was with me as well. I was dying to update my status and location on my Facebook profile with a picture hanging out in some cool place of Kathmandu. But there I had no phone. Actually, I carried my phone with me but there was no network. Moreover I had BSNL number. It is famous for its useless busy network. I tell you people say even if you hold two phones, one is BSNL in your hands and the BSCL number, it will respond that all the channels are busy. Such is the condition and when you are out of your country, don’t even expect for a single bar of network in your phone screen.
  • From Guest House to Ground: So, the next morning we were to leave the guest house. We got up at our regular time. My eyes were very heavy and my head was about to blow. Yesterday, we both walked too much and at the night, I had to sleep quite late. So I couldn’t get proper sleep and was feeling tired. When we got up we found that many of all those three of four team members who came with us from India had already left for New Delhi. We also had to leave as this was decided by the previous night itself. There was no breakfast as no one was there. Only me, Dinesh, Abdi and one more boy was there. And yes, the Nepal pastor and his wife and two little cute baby girls were also. We took bath and got ready for our next unorganized expedition. When we all were ready to go out leaving the guest house, I thought when we are leaving the guest house, we should have thanked those people for their kindness and their affection.

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