What’s up Today???

Does wandering without any navigation thrills you? Or do you enjoy your journey when you don’t have any plans? Well most of the time, when I step out of my room, I don’t have a plan. I just go and make the plans while stepping out on the road. For me, it’s more like making your road trips on the road itself. And yes, these road trips are short, not a longer and bigger journey of days. I am talking about a day. From morning to the night and that’s it. Every Sunday, I think to do something which is worth writing of there in the blog. And that means only and only travel and food. And generally alone, if not then with someone else, a good company and companion. Sometimes, it’s damn hot, sometimes its rainy, sometimes, it’s cloudy and sometimes it’s dusty. But I love to be out on the road, no matter what the climate or the scene is. That’s my real way of enjoying.

So, here I will be writing about my short or little longer trips which I occasionally have from one place to another. Moments at metro stations, or at bus stand, railway stations, any special place, any food spot or whatever it is. I don’t have to make a huge plan and navigation to start over this all. It’s a random selection and I just try to make the things happen in the way I think good enough to be shared with everyone. Sometimes, on weekends I go my home and travel from more than a hundred kilometers. Sometimes I do buy bus or sometimes train. So in both the cases, the journey is quite hectic as I just make plans out of my mind unorganized. My bag is always packed whenever I feel to run away. My laptop, mobile phone, chargers, internet device, few books, pen and all these things are always in my bag. Because you never know when you have to walk away and run.

What’s up Today with You?

Write me and share how you spend your Sunday’s or weekends. Let’s share with each other and join at the coffee table next time we meet. Comment below, mail me, ping me.

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