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Dhosi Hill – An Extinct Volcano & A Forgotten Treasure

Do you know India has volcanoes and not one, total seven volcanoes? Well, there are volcanoes in India and two are in Haryana. Irony is that the tourism department of Haryana is poor. Such sites are often neglected in Haryana. Be it the hill top fort of Madhogarh or the fort of Mahendergarh, all the […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Travelling is a wonderful experience. No doubt everyone enjoys travelling. Be it a small trip to a nearby location or a long weekend trip to a far destination, travelling is always fun and full of amazing experiences. We learn from travelling and we explore. People travel with their friends, families, loved ones and that’s all […]

Where to find best free travel photos for travel blog?

So, you are running a travel blog. Obviously, you need travel photos for creating travel posts and content. Most of the established bloggers use their own photographs which mean they are good photographers. They travel a lot and they shoot. They own their photographs and can use in any way they want. But if you […]

Travel Unplanned – The Best Way to Enjoy Adventure and Explore

Unplanned journey is among the most beautiful one. It may sound stupid, but yes actually it is among the best trips you may have. Since beginning, we have been told about planning and preparing. Be it anything, any incident or situation in our life, we have been told and taught to plan, prepare and schedule […]

My First Time Camping at Triund

Have you ever talked with the air? You must be thinking that I am nerd, how can someone talk with the air? But if you are 90s kid and love Aryans, then you must know the song Ye hawa kahati hae kya sun to meri jana, meri jana… One of the most beautiful things a […]

Things you should know before doing Triund Camping

Situated in the lap of nature, Triund is a small hill station in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. This place has rich mesmerizing beauty and is located at a height of 2,282m. Among the most beautiful hill stations, Triund is truly a jewel of Dharamshala.  People go there all the year to experience the enchanting […]

Triund Trekking – My Reasons of Solo Trekking to Triund

While I was staying at my maternal uncle’s in my childhood, I got to enjoy the beauty of nature. Every morning was fresh and energizing. The soothing sound of peacock, the mesmerizing view of hills and land covered with mustard crop, the animals grazing, and people going to farms, was really a wonderful part of […]

Unplanned Trip to McLeod Ganj – Nature’s Own Abode

A perfect weekend gateway, McLeod Ganj is a small, but beautiful place, next to Dharamshala, is also known as Upper Dharamshala. McLeod Ganj was the second destination in my unplanned journey to Triund. This place has magnetic charm which attracted me and I just without planning come here, without knowing what to do and where […]

My First Solo Trip to Triund – From New Delhi to McLeod Ganj

I have always loved to travel alone. And when someone asks me for travelling, my first impression is, travelling alone. I love solo travelling. It is the best feeling that I get as a traveller. And the next level is my short unplanned trips. I whenever travel; I usually don’t plan to do. When I […]