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Best Things to do in Thailand

Thailand is an epitome of natural beauty with its serene beaches, azure greenery, and vibrant culture. Travelers have been immortalizing the eternal beauty of this island country in photographs since ages, and it all gets better with time. While everyone wants to see the best of the country but Thailand beauty is so widespread that […]

How often do you travel?

Have you met a full time traveller? Someone who travels round the clock, someone who keeps on travelling all the year from here to there? I’m talking about a professional traveller. Well, it is their job to travel around. They keep on moving from one place to the other. But what about others, those are […]

Bucket List of Top Ten Travel Activities to do before You Die

We hear about the people, individual or couples, who leave their nine to five corporate jobs and start travelling around the world. They take a trip around the globe and become wanderlust. They don’t have a fixed home and don’t have a fixed place to stay. They are nomad. They make a bucket list of […]

Why do travelers need camera?

When I hear the word, travelling, all I imagine is an open road, green terrain, a foreign land and I am with a camera taking shots of flora and fauna of the place. Travelling from one place to other makes you open for so many things. And you get to learn a lot of things. […]

Smartphone photography has become a new trend

We are living in the fast moving age where technology has its roots in every aspect of our lives. Travelling in this highly advanced technical life has made our journeys comfortable. Be it booking a flight or hotel sitting at home via travel applications or watching a travel Vlog in YouTube, everything is in our […]

How do you plan weekend trip?

Planning a weekend trip is both interesting and troubling. While you sit on the table and start browsing best places to spend weekends, there are several things which keep no bothering you. You work for five days from Monday to Friday and when Friday knocks your door, the wanderlust inside you pushes you to pack […]

Why do I love travelling?

I am not a professional traveler or not someone who keeps on travelling every now and then. I’ve got tons of work on the desk and often remain pretty engaged around there only. But yes, I love travelling. That’s the thing which keeps my heart beating and blood running through my veins. I haven’t travelled […]

Do you travel in boots?

What is your best companion when you travel? For many it can be a camera, DSRL, but for me my travel companions are my boots I wear while I am travelling. I am such a boot lover that I don’t remember the last time when I used to wear sport shoes. This may sound funny […]