Things to Do on Sunday

Sunday! The day which brings smile on your face. The day which can turn you up. The day which can make you feel happy after long working schedule. Yes Sunday has always been a special day in everyone’s life. Isn’t it? Sundays are cherished. Sundays are celebrated and Sundays are regarded to be the most wanted. I want Sunday to come as soon as possible. I hope you do also.

code of conduct in art of sharing food

So, you love art of sharing food and you always share your plate with others. You share may be with your parents, relatives, friends, coworkers and many others. While art of sharing food is an interesting one, people sometimes violet some code of conduct during sharing food with others. Though art of sharing is always wonderful and it connects you with others and it creates a sense of care, still

The Art of Sharing

Food! The basic need of our life and is even for animals. We have our own ways of preparing and eating food. When we look back at the history of evolution, we will find that we were also like other animals eating the raw meat. The discovery of fire gave us a new way of food. The cooked food was better and even much delicious than it was before. Over

The Journey of Food

Food and travel both find roots deeply embedded in every walk of our life. Be it our regular course of work or celebration or even any festive, food has the most important role which can’t be ignored. Every day we find come across several situations where we find how the food has been packed, stored and delivered. The journey of food from farm to kitchen and then from kitchen to

Enjoy Traveling

Do you enjoy traveling? I have met so many people saying me that they get tired of travelling every day from one place to other. In fact, regular traveling makes them feel sick. And exhausted all the time. I guess I have no idea why would anyone say so? Yes I do admit that up to certain limit everyday traveling is tiring, especially for those who go offices or colleges

No Phones, No Contacts, No Facebook

While staying in Kathmandu, we had to compromise with so many things. Food, liberty, money and so many other things as well. And yes, how can I forget Facebook. You are in a place out of your country and you haven’t even updated your status and location on Facebook, very strange. So was with me. But there I had no phone. Actually I carried my phone with me there, but

food and travel

I have been writing about food and travel for just a few days and started to analyze my ways on this special domain. What attracts me the most is how culture is connected to the food and how people enjoy eating out, in restaurants, dhabas, café and all other eateries? For me it’s a fun to visit places and watch everything live. From kitchen to table, food has always been

From Guest House to Ground

So, the next morning we were to leave the guest house. We got up at our regular time. My eyes were very heavy and my head was about to blow. Yesterday, we both walked too much and at the night, I had to sleep quite late. So I couldn’t get proper sleep and was feeling tired. When we got up we found that many of all those three of four

Why have I started this Blog?

Writing is something which I enjoy most ever since I have started writing. Years back in school, I used to do the homework of my fellow classmates. I used to write their projects. I used make and complete their practical files. Later on I started to commercialize it. I started charging people for the work. I used to make the files and project works for B.Ed and other such students.

Rain over the Road

Rain! The word which turns faces happy. The word which makes one forget pain. Poets, artists, lyricists, philosophers and so many other people have written over this subject. Rain is about the love, rain is about the liberty, and rain is about the feeling of something new, something fresh. And of course, rain is like life for farmers. In India, rain is highly valued and considered to be divinity showered