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Starting my Jaipur Journey – First Place to Visit – Albert Hall Museum

Jaipur is full of places to visit and explore. This place has so many things stored in the box that you will be mesmerized by the beauty and wonderfulness the place has to offer you. And among such places is the famous Albert Hall Museum, or simply Albert Hall. This place takes shower in yellow […]

My first trip to Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur, proudly known as the Pink City, the state capital of Rajasthan, is among the most happening cities in India. The place is a fine melting pot of culture, traditions and metro-city lifestyle. The city has forts which are several hundred years old to big shopping malls like World Trade Park. The place is famous […]

One Day Itinerary of Bundi – Things to do in Bundi

Ever imagined a place which itself is a complete destination for every history enthusiast who loves travelling? From ancient temples to Baori, cenotaphs, forts, temples and lakes, what else do you need? When you sit and look for such places in India, where exactly do you find yourself travelling to? And that too an offbeat […]

Architectural Marvellous of Raniji Ki Baori Bundi – The Queen’s Stepwell

I am much fascinated towards the ancient architecture and the kind of monuments people back then have built. Be it for living, amusement or even for combating any unseen danger or situation, these monuments are a fine example of how those people thought and created masterpieces out of bricks and stones. One of such architectural […]

Taragarh Fort Bundi – One of the Oldest Forts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan had been a land of rajas (kings) and forts. The state has some of the most marvellous forts artistically and architecturally. While the land was mostly ruled over by Rajput kings, Mughals also reached here and formed these establishments. But a major part still belongs to the native rulers. My immense love for history […]

One Day Itinerary of Kota – Places to See in Kota in One Day

Rajasthan has been blessed with amazing cities which have their very own charm. Whether it is Jaipur known for its magnificent forts or Jaisalmer for the desert camping, there is a lot to explore in this culturally rich state. One of the cities which stand apart when it comes to weekend trips to Rajasthan (2 […]

Gaipernath Waterfalls Kota

For me, Kota was only a place of medical and engineering coaching classes. Well, that was back when I was in school. But when the travel-bug poisoned me, the most iconic place to visit in Kota I heard was GaradiyaMahadev Mandir which is a natural gorge located in the middle of a forest reserve. And […]

Reasons Why Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s Favourite

Travelling to mountains and in the lap of nature covered by thick green foliage is always my favourite recreational activity.  I am sure there are millions like me out there who love to spend some time away from the city noise in the middle of nature. Imagine yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains where the sound […]

Exploring the Massive Red Fort Agra  

Red sandstone has been a chief construction material used in medieval monuments, especially in the Mughal Architecture. Be it Jaipur, Delhi or Agra, most of the monuments are constructed with red sandstone and that’s why the prominent colour is red. While I was on my one-day solo journey to Agra, I headed to Red Fort […]