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Journey to Golden Temple Amritsar: First Trip for 2019

It was way back decided that I would go there. But when, I had no idea. The name Golden Temple Amritsar was introduced to me back in childhood via school text books. And I visited Punjab for the second time; the first time I visited was back in 2015 when I visited Ludhiana. Golden Temple […]

The Rising Popularity of Homestays – A Talk – Show

I do radio talk show once in a while on All India Radio (AIR). I have always wanted to be an RJ. I usually do talk-shows on travel only since  it’s the subject which I love to talk about, I do love to talk about music, philosophy, anthropology, culture, science, politics and everything that interests […]

How has been the food in Rajasthan during my journey?

Travelling teaches you a lot. You need to adapt and adopt several things; you may like it or not but there is no option. And one of the biggest challenges that traveling brings for a guy like who is totally vegetarian and teetotaler, is the food.  I have weird food habits and I eat whenever […]

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2018 – A Music Voyage through villages of Rajasthan

Perhaps one of the most culturally and historically rich state, Rajasthan is incredibly colourful. A place which still celebrates its ancient traditions and culture, is not only a state of sand dunes and deserts but also famous for its cuisine and folk music. Recently I got an opportunity to travel to Rajasthan for a week. […]

India’s Top Travel Destinations – Famous Cities to Visit in India

It’s really a challenging task when it comes to listing the top travel destinations of India. The country is world famous for its ancient cultural heritage along with the modern advancements. From hill stations to beaches, from trekking to river rafting, from honeymoon destinations to wildlife safari, India is a perfect country for the wanderlusts. Every […]

How can you click photos on solo traveling? Solo Traveling photograp

I always click photographs and I just simply love it. Well, I am not much into the techniques of camera but yes I manage to do that. And when I am traveling, my camera is always on. Traveling is also an art and so is photography. A wonderful combination of storytelling. So, when you travel, […]

Selfies at Amer Fort – A Photo Walk

I visited almost all the major places/attractions in Amer Fort. It took me around three hours to roam inside the fort. Amer fort is big. Amer fort is massive and it is a majestic monument with great historic significance. The fort is located some 11KM away from the main city of Jaipur. It’s good to […]

A Hill Fort in Haryana Madhogarh Fort Mahendergarh

Not to be confused with Madhogarh fort Rajasthan (Fort Madhogarh), this fort is in Mahendergarh (Mohindergarh) district of Haryana state. I have always wanted to visit and explore this place. Though not too far from my hometown, this place has been always in my visiting list. But finally I made it to this place. Madhogarh […]

Top Ten Ancient Historical Buildings of Delhi

Delhi is among the most ancient and historical places of India. This place dates back to period 300BC during the Maurya. This place has been mentioned in mythologies thus is believed to be very ancient place. As the city has a great historical significance in the Indian history, it’s important to know about Delhi. Moreover, […]