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There’s a street food lover everywhere…

When you hear the word, street food, what image do you actually visualise in your brain? When you hear the word, street food, do you also get tempted? Well, let me tell you when I hear the word street food, all I can visualise is a street built of red sand lime brick, sparsely crowded place, street food hawkers, food trucks, people of all age relishing the taste and most important the aroma in the environment. One of the most amazing about the street food is that you can have it on the go. And I tell you, not every dish is enjoyed in the closed AC rooms. There are some cuisines which only taste scrumptious when enjoyed standing and sitting on small table in front of food truck. So, you must have got it that I’m a street food lover.

street food lover

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Oh! You are too a street food lover? That’s great! Now we have a good time enjoying the best moments in some park holding a paneer roll. How’s that? Well, being a street food lover, I would like to tell you my experience with street food. I dine in restaurants as well but the street food lover inside me pushes me every now and then and I have to follow the temptations. I just can’t avoid it.

street food lover

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street food lover

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Are you a street food lover?

Since very beginning, street food has become a part of life. Be it a fair or school recess, street food hawkers were among the most awaited. As a kid, I remember I grew up enjoying lollypop, gol gappe and chaat from the street food sellers. I still remember there used to be a gol gappe wala, who would come every day and he would ring the big iron plate he had with his tong and that’s how we would come to know that the gol gappe wala had come. And I would take one rupee from my mother or grandmother and bring three gol gappe from him (those were the days when gol gappe in our place were priced at one rupee for three pieces). We would carry a glass for that spicy water which we loved like anything.

street food lover

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I grew up but the street food lover inside but seems to have stopped growing. It behaves childish and drags me into trouble. Sometimes I have to rebuke the street food lover inside me because today too it jumps to see gol gappa and I avoid it because I had gol gappe some time back. But being a street food lover, I wait for the other day and then I practice my temptation on the amazing mobile cuisine.

street food lover

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What makes you a street food lover?

I have seen people enjoying street food during lunch breaks of their corporate jobs. I have seen street food lovers who rather enjoy eating chole bhature on street corner, rather than in any restaurant. Because the taste which a street food lover can get there, it really hard to experience in any other place. Street food isn’t just a way of serving food, it’s more than this. It is a culture. A culture which the entire world has been living since ages.

street food lover

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There is a street food lover everywhere. It is just that people rarely show up with the watery mouth when they are engaged in some other activity. Sometimes the street food lover inside me pushes me so hard that I being restless and I feel like a drug addict and then I need a dose of gol gappe. Sounds funny but couple of years back four gol gappe wala around my flat used to know me and one of them still does.

What is your street food experience? Share with us your street food love stories in the comments.

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