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Bucket List of Top Ten Travel Activities to do before You Die

We hear about the people, individual or couples, who leave their nine to five corporate jobs and start travelling around the world. They take a trip around the globe and become wanderlust. They don’t have a fixed home and don’t have a fixed place to stay. They are nomad. They make a bucket list of the travel activities to do before they die. And for them, travelling around the globe is the ultimate goal of life. However, not everyone can travel like this. Everyone has got their reasons, own promises. But it never means that you can’t travel. You can travel and you should travel.

Travelling opens your thought process to different possibilities which we might have not seen so far. Though I am not saying that leave your job, home and pack your bag and leave the town. But still, you can make a list of top ten travel activities to do before you die. Like everyone have their short terms and long terms goals, plans. Same, you should sit and chalk out a well defined plan of some of the most amazing and crazy travel activities to do in your life. You never what happens tomorrow! Hence, travelling is the lifetime experience which everyone should have. The nature has so much to offer and it never stops surprising us with its jaw-dropping wonders and mysteries. 

Travel activities to do before you die

While you sit and start preparing your bucket list of travel activities to do before you die, you should at least ten of the most famous travel activities which are on the top of everyone nomad’s mind and which can drag you out of your comfort zone to make you see the world is wonderful. And as I said travelling is a lifetime experience, it’s worth earning at any cost. Spending entire life in one place and not travelling at all is stagnancy which isn’t good at all. The world is full of wonders and we should explore this planet as much as we can. This beautiful place where we live. If not too far, at least we can travel in our own country. Our country too has got so much to offer and we don’t need to go to other countries for these wonderful travel experiences. This country will fill your bucket list of top ten travel activities to do before you die.

Now be it paragliding or bungee jumping, river rafting or sky diving, everything is there. And these travel activities are worth experiencing and I tell you, just grab the opportunity and travel around. Time is precious and when you grow old, you won’t be able to enjoy the adrenaline rush which you will get while jumping off the jet with the parachute. Hence, mark your calendar and decide dates for theses travel activities to do before you die. Earn the travel experiences before you die and share those weird travel stories with others.

Travel activities to do before you die

Top Ten Travel Activities to Do Before You Die

Making a list of best travel adventure activities to do before you die and getting confused about what to include in the travel bucket list? There are so many things to do and it’s obvious to get confused with it. Don’t worry. There is a help for you. Depending on the popularity and travel experiences, there is a list of travel activities to do before you die which you should do in real sense. Though the list never ends, but these are some of the best travel outdoor activities you should do which will make you feel alive and connected with nature. These are adventurous activities, these are leisure and recreational travel activities and there is so much more left to explore. Sometimes, it’s so astonishing to think that we don’t even know how the people live in the rest of the world. And until and unless we don’t travel, we will never come to know.

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Travel activities to do before you die

Hence let us take a look at the top ten travel activities to do before you die:

  1. Explore the Underwater World – Scuba Diving

Travel activities to do before you die

One of the most beautiful,  goose-bumping travel activities to do before you die is scuba diving. This is really amazing and full of exciting activities. Exploring the world under the sea is worth experiencing. Scuba diving should be on the top of your travel bucket list. Though you need little preparation for this wonderful travel experience, but it’s the best you can do. Getting close to the aquatic life is really awesome and you won’t forget this experience.

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  1. River Rafting – Go Wild in Water

Travel activities to do before you die

Simply rafting or also known as river rafting is a recreational outdoor adventure travel activity which every young blood should do. The water is wild, so you are. The ups and downs, the rapids are waiting for you. Just get into a raft and row, row, row the raft. This travel activity is thrilling and full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline rush. If you love water sports activities, this is your thing to do. Make sure the next time you travel to someplace, try making it happen.

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  1. Northern Lights – Spend Some Time under the Spell of Nature

Travel activities to do before you die

Among the greatest, mysterious, picturesque views of this nature are Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis are really wonderful phenomenon which everyone should experience before you die. These occur due to collisions between the electrically charged particles from the sun which enter the atmosphere of the earth. Alaska, Denmark, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, etc. are famous for to have this lovely phenomenon on their land. Sorry, you can’t experience it in India.

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  1. Himalayan Trekking – Take a Walk in the Serenity of Nature

Travel activities to do before you die

Tired of corporate life and frustrated of traffic’s honking, you need to trek in Himalayas. The purity and serenity of this place will take your heart away. Among very famous travel activities to do before you die, this one is really amazing travel experience. It will give you peace. It will give you stress – free environment. You can do this in India itself or in Nepal or in Bhutan also. And when you return back to your routine life, you will be new, you will be refreshed and you will have good energy for working.

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  1. Take a long Road trip – Enjoy the beauty of Journey

Travel Activities to do before You Die

Road trips are fun. Take few days off and take a long road trip. Travel with your friends. Make it a college reunion. I tell you, this is among the most amazing travel activities to do before you die. An open car and the long road. Or travel alone. It’s just you and the open road. How amazing will it be to travel to some place you don’t know. The long road trip will open your mind, heart and will make you feel alive. Leave your all worldly worries behind and start travelling

  1. Go for Jungle Camping – Spend Some Time in the Lap of Nature

Travel Activities to do before You Die

Haven’t you got tired of spending every night in your apartment? Spend a night in the jungle in a camp. Spend some time with the beauty and wilderness of nature and enjoy the best of your life. This nature has so many beautiful things to offer and you have to explore them out. Bonfire, waterfall, sound of crickets and a camp, isn’t it thrilling and goosebumping? But do it. It’s so fun and full of excitement. There are so many places in India where you can go and spend some time in jungle camping.

  1. Take a Trip to an Ancient City – Explore the History

Travel Activities to do before You Die

Exploring the wonders of the world is really thrilling. A trip to some lost or historical place will add a great value to your travelling experience. Don’t forget to add this to your bucket list of travel activities to do before you die. Be it an Indian place of any place around the world, the expedition is really wonderful. Getting close the culture art of the people who lived thousands of years back, so amazing and thrilling that you won’t forget this experience ever in your life.

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  1. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride – See the World from the Sky

Travel Activities to do before You Die

This travelling experience is really hard to beat. A hot air balloon up in the sky and you are looking at the tiny things on the earth… What can be more exciting and thrilling? This is must to do travel experience before you die. A balloon safari will make you forget your all worries. You will get to enjoy the beauty of nature, the landscapes, the terrains, flying over the jungle and watching the animals and wildlife is really one of the most wonderful travelling activities to do before one dies. Consider including it in your to do list of travel activities and make the most of your life.

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  1. Bungee Jumping – Defeat Your Fear

travel activities to do before you die

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If you are an extreme sports loving person, this adventurous travel activity is for you. Though there are more things to do such as river rafting, sky diving, etc. but the fun and excitement of this travel activity is endless. Jumping off from a tall structure such as a rock with an elastic cord is really a daring travel experience everyone should have once in life. Among the most famous travel activities to do before you die, bungee jumping will make you fearless. If you fear heights and want to defeat your fear, go for bungee jumping.

  1. Jungle Safari – Taste the Wildlife

Travel activities to do before you die

Jungle safari is really a novel experience everyone should do. Spending some time deep into the woods away from the hustle – bustle of the regular life is so amazing that it will make you feel alive. It is but exciting and beautiful to take a ride to the road that leads to the jungle. Watching the flora and fauna of nature is something which should be done before you die. There are many places in India where you can go for jungle safari. Though African jungle safaris are world famous. Feed bananas to an elephant or take a walk into the woods, there is a never ending fun in the jungle.

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travel activities to do before you die

This is the bucket list of travel activities to do before you die. These travel activities are famous and every year, people leave their regular life and start travelling to do these travel activities. No matter how old you are, you are never too old for travelling. So, start exploring the world. There’s always so much to experience, so much to taste and so much to live.

What is in your travel bucket list? Let us know in the comments below…

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