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How often do you travel?

Have you met a full time traveller? Someone who travels round the clock, someone who keeps on travelling all the year from here to there? I’m talking about a professional traveller. Well, it is their job to travel around. They keep on moving from one place to the other. But what about others, those are not professional travellers. And what about you? How often do you travel? If you love travelling, you must be travelling at least once a month. Be it a short trip or a long journey. By the way, what are the factors which decide your travelling schedule or what are the factors which influence your travelling routine? In this post, we will be talking about how often do you travel? I recently came across a post where there was a survey of how often do people travel which included travelling within the country and travelling outside the country. Well, everyone have their own perspective and reasons of travelling. Some travel for business, some travel for leisure, some travel for adventure and some has made it a profession. Moreover what type of travel activity are you involved in, also matters when we talk about how often do you travel?

how often do you travel

So, how often do you travel domestically?

Okay, let us first of all talk about travelling within the country or say travelling domestically. And what is the distance that you cover. It can be a short journey, may be you are exploring a place which isn’t too far away from your location. You can easily go there in the morning and return by the night. May be you can go there on your weekends and spend some time there and come back. It depends on distance and the time. I stay in Delhi there are tens of places where I can go on my weekends and return back the evening of Sunday or Monday morning. So, you too must be having such places at not so far distance where you can easily go and come back. Hence, this also decides how often do you travel domestically?

how often do you travel

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How often do you travel internationally?

Travelling internationally is little challenging. Not everyone can travel outside the country. Reason, money and time. It’s comparatively costly and travelling internationally consumes lots of time. And when you are travelling internationally, you must be having plans of staying at least for sometime so that you can visit around the place so that once you return back home, you won’t be having any regrets of missing out a place. These reasons are also responsible for deciding, how often do you travel in a year?

how often do you travel

While working in a nine to five job, it’s little difficult to manage the time for travelling. But you never know you may get a ticket to travel from your company (well that depends, mine never gave, but I have seen people who travel on their company’s cost). If you are a business traveller and your organization is covering your all expenses, that’s a good reason for travelling.

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How often do you travel on road?

Do you love travelling via road? I do. I find it very fascinating. I find it every exciting. Everyone has got their own choices. Travelling via road can be a little trouble for few but not for everyone. And it’s a normal thing that travelling on road is experienced by almost every one of us.  May be you are visiting some nearby places and travelling by the road is the best and the cheapest option there.

how often do you travel

How often do you travel by air?

Travelling by air can be both nationally or internationally. Mainly it’s internationally that’s what I see though people also travel by air within the country. It is time saving and comfortable, but it is not cost effective as compared to travelling by road whereas travelling by road is again time consuming and little challenging if you are travelling too far specially if the journey involves time more than round the clock, better to travel either by rail or travel by air.

how often do you travel

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How often do you travel interstate?

Travelling interstate can be due to several reasons. May be you are visiting a friend on his/her wedding, may be you are travelling interstate because of your job or maybe you are travelling interstate to explore some ancient place. If have travelled interstate for exploring the places which are very famous and have heard a lot from others. Those were the places near to Delhi which can be visited in a journey of less than a week.

how often do you travel

I have seen people who travel for short distance and also I have seen people who don’t usually travel less than a week. But in both of the cases, one thing is still in concern, how often do you travel. We have got only 365 days a year, which includes our study, job, career, family and lots of other things. And in these days, how many days do we take out for travelling and exploring the places around, depends on our desire for travelling. I do desire but I have not been able to travel very often. A friend of mine remains on road with his bike very often. He travels a lot. Once I was reading an interview of a biker group who would travel at least thirty days nonstop on bike. They would make a nap, would pack all they need and they would leave.

So how often do you travel a year? Do you plan out your travelling schedule every weekend of every month end? Do you spend time away from your home on the road, exploring and meeting new people and culture? Travelling isn’t just about packing backs and leaving the town. There’s lot more to do expect this all. Share us your stories of how often do you travel.

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