Travel Unplanned

Travelling is a wonderful experience. No doubt everyone enjoys travelling. Be it a small trip to a nearby location or a long weekend trip to a far destination, travelling is always fun and full of amazing experiences. We learn from travelling and we explore. People travel with their friends, families, loved ones and that’s all beautiful. But there are people who don’t love travelling with others. These are the people who love adventure and they only love travelling alone. For them, travelling is an activity where they don’t need anyone to disturb them. The concept of solo travelling is into existence for quite a long. There are reasons that you should travel alone at least once in your life. Oh yes, travelling alone is a nice thing and solo travellers only travel alone, but if you love travelling and you often travel in a group of two or more, you should do solo travelling at least for once in your life. It’s a new perspective and a new experience for you to learn. And once you travel alone, you will realise why people love solo travelling. I do love travelling. So here, let us about the reasons why you should travel alone.

You should travel alone
Photo by Abhiram Prakash from Pexels

There are several reasons which tell that you should travel alone

Life’s a journey and you will get to see and experience so many new things for once at least. Travelling alone is also such an experience which teaches you about life. Everyone has a fantasy of visiting to some dream destination with friends or with the loved one. But travelling to dream destination and that too alone is not only full of excitement and adventure but is also full of great learning. Here, I have listed some reasons which can tell you why you should travel alone at least once in your life.

  1. You are free to schedule your journey.

You should travel alone

You don’t travel often but you love travelling. When you are planning to travel alone, you are free to schedule your journey. You don’t have wait for anyone’s reply. You have the liberty to wake up anytime you want and eat anything you desire. It is just you and only you. You can plan to camp or you can spend night at the homestay. It’s all about you only. I guess that’s the best reason that you should travel alone once in life.

  1. You can do an unplanned journey.

You should travel alone

Okay! Here’s my favorite part. Unplanned Journeys! These journeys are best done and best enjoyed when you are travelling alone. You are no longer waiting for your friend to get ready and leave. You are not waiting for anything. There’s a different charm when you are travelling alone and that too unplanned.

  1. You are more confident when you travel alone.

You are independent. You are naturally more confident when you are travelling alone. It’s something that comes out only when you hit the road alone. You take the ownership of everything you do. Some people are scared to travel alone. But actually, it brings the confidence in you and you can proudly share with others that you have travelled alone.

  1. You will get to connect with yourself.

There are two situations here. Let us discuss them.

“Imagine yourself sitting somewhere into the woods or on a hill and you surrounded by beautiful nature. There are birds; they are singing a welcome song for you. And you just close your eyes and connect with yourself. You are talking with the birds. The environment is filled with serenity and you are at the peak of silence.”

Now take this situation.

Everything is same as discussed in the first situation above here. The only thing is you aren’t alone, you are with a group. You badly need to sit alone in the silence but you aren’t able to because you have a group. You don’t want to be rude and ultimately, you miss the chance to embrace nature.

  1. You should travel alone because …

There is certainly no doubt great fun in traveling alone. When you are back from your solo journey, you will be having wonderful stories to tell the people. I have so many stories of solo travelling. I reached Jammu & Kashmir by mistake while I had to get down at Pathankot when I was going Dharamshala. I stayed in a hotel where I paid double. I trekked in the night alone. And there are so many memories which make great stories to be narrated.

See, you should travel alone at least. There’s great adventure in travelling alone. I often travel alone only. I do travel with friends but for me, travelling alone is a thing which I often cherish and I often celebrate. You get to meet the locals more and you will get to enjoy more. You can change your plan anytime or you can cancel the trip too if you are travelling alone. But changing a plan when you are travelling alone is a challenge.

Don’t wait and you should start travelling alone. The best thing about solo travelling is realising that you can find and make home anywhere you want. Home isn’t a place made of brick walls. Home is a feeling of being fearless and the feeling of being comfortable in a different land. You can stay under a tree or you can hire a room in hostel. You can make yourself comfortable in a small tent. And most importantly, there is no other person around you; it’s you and only YOU. So, you should travel alone at least once in your life. Travelling alone gives freedom.