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Should you skip breakfast?

There is a famous saying, “breakfast is the most important day. I remember my school days, when my mom used to prepare breakfast for me, which either included a glass of milk and chapati or parantha. When I shifted to Gurgaon in 2010, I was staying in hostel back then and breakfast was a regular meal. But then started the corporate life and living individually, I never took care of a proper meal for breakfast. So the question is, should you skip breakfast? As we know, to start the day with good energy, you need energy in the body and the first meal of the day i.e. breakfast gives you energy. But if you skip breakfast, you may have to suffer some consequences in the future. Imbalance in regular diet can lead to prolonged effects which is never good. So, breakfast everyday should a strategy. Even if it is a toast and a glass of milk or juice, we should have it. We should never skip skip breakfast

Should You Skip Breakfast? Yes or No…

There have been studies on the consequences of skipping breakfast and the result aren’t good. One study says that if you miss breakfast, you may develop the symptoms of atherosclerosis. There was a study published in Journal of Nutrition which says that if you eat your breakfast, you can control your Body Mass Index. Another study published in University of Bath (UK) found that if you are thin and you skipping breakfast, it may benefit you but if you are obese, it is not good for you.

you skip breakfast
It has been seen that people who are working and live alone, they eat breakfast at restaurant. A research conducted at University of Illinois found that the food which is available in the cafés and restaurants have low fibre, protein and complex carbs while these foods are high in hydrogenated fats and calories as compared to the food which is available at home. You now have the answer of your question, should you skip breakfast or not?
Here are some effects on the body if you skip your breakfast:

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Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism

you skip breakfast
It’s a proven concept that if you are taking regular meal as breakfast, then your metabolism is on good rate and you are likely to burn out more calories all the day. This was a report which was published in International Journal of Obesity. In case, you are fasting for long time, this will lead your body to undergo protection phase where it will start storing calories. If you are skipping breakfast, it will slow down your metabolism and this will lead to fuel you up by the glucose which your muscles have stored.

You have chances of heart risks if you skip breakfastyou skip breakfast

If you skip breakfast on regular basis, it can lead to several problems. It will create an imbalance in your metabolism. You will also have chances of heart diseases. You may even get high blood pressure and obesity (weight gain), diabetes and high blood pressure. American Heart Association published this report in its press release.

If you skip breakfast every day, your blood sugar level will drop

you skip breakfast
The Journal of Frontiers of Human Neuroscience published a research. As per the research, if you are eating breakfast on time, your body will have stabilized insulin levels and it will restore the glycogen. If you skip breakfast in the morning, which means your body isn’t getting proper glucose and this will lead to situation of over hungry and fatigue.

You may have increased levels of stress hormones

you skip breakfast
If you skip breakfast, it also impacts your lifestyle. As per the research conducted at University of Texas (Austin), eating breakfast everyday positively impacts the cortisol, produced by adrenal glands (primary stress hormones). Cortisol helps the body to utilize the glucose (sugar) and fat for the energy requirements. It regulates the level of stress.

Now that you have got the answer of the question should you skip breakfast, here are many reasons based on which you can look back at your lifestyle and can think about rescheduling it. A healthy lifestyle is what everyone is looking for. So avoid skipping breakfast and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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