An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho – Exploring the Mysteries of Temples

I am leading a very uncertain life. Today I am here; I may be somewhere else tomorrow. That’s why I usually don’t get to plan most of the trip I do. Be it my totally unplanned trip of Kathmandu where I had no idea what I was going to do there, or be it the most recent unplanned trip to Khajuraho where the only thing that I planned was that I had to go. However, once I reached Khajuraho, most of the things got a bit of planning, not because of me but because of someone else. Well, I do enjoy unplanned journeys though traveling like this is kind of risky and can lead to uncomfortable situations. But I always look for stories, stories while I am on my journey. And I can only get such stories when I let myself lose in the journey totally, like a nomad with no planning and no idea.

An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho

How my unplanned trip to Khajuraho got planning?

My recent unplanned trip to Khajuraho was a learning lesson for me. From all my past journeys, one thing I have clearly learnt that travelling is a life experience and one has to be totally free from the rest of the world while travelling. If you are carrying your office burden while you are travelling to a place, you won’t be able to live the moments truly. So leaving all the worries behind, I often tend to enjoy as much as I can and that’s the main motive.

So, this occasion for this time was my good old friend’s marriage somewhere in Panna, MP. Though it was informed a month before. People were booking their tickets and hotel bookings while I on the other side was chilled out and did nothing. That’s what I always do. I am too lazy at this booking stuff. I usually take a bus at the very end and that’s how I travel. I prefer buses over train most of the time because people who travel in train for long distance know that they have to travel, however I don’t usually know if I am traveling the next day or not. And that’s why buses are saviour.

An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho

An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho

An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho

So finally, we three friends decided to attend Ajit’s marriage (my good old friend). Days back I had a word with him and he asked me to come to his home, attend his marriage and then roam around. That was my planning after all. But it seems planning isn’t my kind of thing. At the end all the two other friends refused to go due to their personal reasons. Thus, it was only me left alone a day before the marriage. Finally I was all set to travel solo.

My other friend who was handling the train booking thing asked me to go by train from Nizamuddin railway station and advised me to take a regular ticket up to Atarra (UP). This was my first time travelling to this direction with no information about stations and places and that too in train. So I was little sceptical. However I was told that I would meet two of Ajit’s friends at Nizamuddin station who I know (we met through Ajit only). This gave me little relief however I had to drop my idea of solo travelling. Solo is good but this time I was travelling with friends. So that train timing was 8:10PM and I reached there almost half an hour earlier. I waited for them and then they came. I met more people there. But I had a general ticket they had their tickets booked previously. Some of them had sleeper and some had AC. I managed to fit myself in the sleeper and shared the seat.

An Unplanned trip to Khajuraho

I got one berth which was offered to me by two sisters I met there who were with Gunjan (Ajit’s friend) while they both managed to sleep whole night in one berth. I was bit concerned since I never travelled like this. Another thing, they had ticket to Khajuraho and I had only up to Atarra (that’s what I was told to. But fortunately nobody came to check and finally we reached Khajuraho in the morning (Morning 6:30am 8March). Since I had no plans of going Khajuraho in the first time (I was supposed to stay at Ajit’s place). I had a word with Rishi (another friend of Ajit) and he offered to share his room in the hotel which I found good option. And that’s how my unplanned trip to Khajuraho became a planned trip. We were 7 in total. (Stay tuned for my next trip on Khajuraho temples and other places)

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