Food in Khajuraho

Food is an integral part of any journey, no matter if it just for a day or few hours. And when you are visiting a new place, a place away from your place then it is mandatory to taste the cuisine of that place. No journey is complete without tasting and dining at the place you are traveling to. While I was in Khajuraho, I too looked for food around. But globalization has actually ruined everything. I didn’t find any local, true authentic food place. There were fancy, romantic themed restaurant. Well, globalization is not at blame for it all but I was actually expecting something really indigenous. I mean paratha, sandwich, noodles etc. are everywhere. That’s why I was looking for authentic food in Khajuraho and finally I decided that I would come someday else with just the agenda of exploring and then I would do.

Where was the true, authentic food in Khajuraho?

Khajuraho being a famous town in MP is a major tourist attraction. The town of ancient erotic temples has been a centre of attraction for the tourists from all over the world. To cater their daily food requirements, it was always a need to establish restaurants of international cuisine. But yeah, there should have been local authentic places as well. I mean I get to eat paratha in Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan too and in Khajuraho also, I had to eat paratha. Same I get lassi in Delhi, Haryana as well and in Khajuraho too I was drinking lassi. Searching local food in Khajuraho was a challenging as I could only see fancy restaurants with almost similar menu.


During my journey or as long as I stayed in Khajuraho, I didn’t dedicate any day especially for the street food in Khajuraho or authentic food of this place.  Yeah, on the last day of the journey, I went out on bicycle and roamed around the city, in the narrow streets of the town. Gol gappa is my favourite and there too when I saw a cart of gol gappa I couldn’t stop myself and went there with a friend of mine. The same day in the night, we went to an Italian restaurant and it turned out to be a wrong decision. The pasta and sandwich we ordered were pathetic and we couldn’t finish.

Food in Khajuraho

Food in Khajuraho Food in Khajuraho

Food in Khajuraho Food in Khajuraho Food in Khajuraho Food in Khajuraho

On the first day of arriving in the town, I dined at this fancy place by the name Maharaja Restaurant, a roof top one. I got attracted by the vibes and thought to give it a try but my decision turned out to be wrong when we had dinner here. The fanciness of this place was totally ruined by the food we had there. It was nothing close to the price we paid. However, two days later I visited Raja Café. Nice ambiance, amazing place, and the food was totally lip smacking. Before visiting Raja Café, we went to Siddharth Hotel’s roof top restaurant. The service was so slow that we had to leave. I asked the waiter to bring the menu and water and we had to wait for almost half an hour before leaving the place and went to Raja Café.

The last day we roamed a sometime in the city and visited few places. Looking for real desi food in Khajuraho was really a hard job or probably I was at the wrong side the place. I was craving for some street but again I was done eating the same thing already back in Delhi and in my hometown. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything which was very own of Khajuraho. However, I had chocolate lassi at a shop and aloo tikki at a food joint.