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Exploring markets and Churches of Dalhousie – In the paradise

The markets and churches of Dalhousie get crowded with tourists during the evening hours. Being a famous tourist attraction, this beautiful hill station witnesses people from all parts of the word. And that brings more life to this place making it a happening one. Though people remain on the road round the clock, but by the time when the sun kisses the horizon; the roads become more stuffed with travellers. The restaurants, cafes, shops everything experience great rush there.

markets and Churches of Dalhousie markets and Churches of Dalhousie

Dalhousie is the central place for all nearby tourist destinations be it Khajiyar or Chamera Lake. Though I didn’t book a hotel in this town, so I got a hotel which is located near Banikhet and is at a drive of around 30 minutes from Dalhousie. And from there, I came Dalhousie by bus. There are regular bus services from Chamba to Dalhousie. I took a bus in the morning and came by in the night by a cab. There was no bus at that time. That costed me 100 INR. I prefer solo travelling only.

markets and Churches of Dalhousiemarkets and Churches of Dalhousie

Wandering like a nomad in markets and churches of Dalhousie

A big challenge which is face while doing solo travelling is clicking myself. I can ask people for this task, at most of the time, I don’t get the clicks which I want. During my most of the journeys I have this challenge. This time too, I wanted to get clicked and wanted to get some wonderful clicks for my Instagram account but not every time I am surrounded by and Churches of Dalhousie

Anyways, so when it was 4PM, I took a bus to Dalhousie from the hotel I was staying near Malura village. It was already late and not a good time to go any other place. So I decided to stroll round the busy markets and churches of Dalhousie. I could smell the old world charm while I was passing through the streets of Dalhousie. Those buildings with British architecture and colonial structures, everything seemed different. Green lush valleys with Deodar tree, smelling as fresh as the first drop of the rain, made feel like and Churches of Dalhousie markets and Churches of Dalhousie

From Dalhousie, I decided to take a walk to the markets and churches and other visiting points of Dalhousie. The very first was Subhash Chowk which had a big statue of Neta Subhash Chandra Bose. Netaji came and lived here and that’s why this place named after him. Next to Subhash Chowk is Saint Francis Church. The architecture of this church resembles with churches in England. From there, I headed to my next destination. I was told about Mall Road and Gandhi Chowk.

Those spiral ways were bit tricky but were beautiful and the greenery around just reduced pain of walking. The views around were breath – taking and my camera couldn’t just do the justice with the beauty of the views which I was getting there. Passing through the spiral path, guarded by sky touching Deodar tree, I felt that I was taking a walk in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. And indeed, it was a beautiful journey. That’s one of those things which inspire me to travelmarkets and Churches of Dalhousie

When I reached Mall Road, I could see crowd of tourists, shopping, eating and enjoying their moments. Singles, couples, married, families; everyone was there and was cherishing the moments. Gandhi Chowk is located on Mall Road only and is the main centre of this place. One left to the Chowk is St John’s Church which dates back to 1863 is a Protestant church. This is a famous place to be visited if you are around. From the premises of this church, you will get some really thrilling views of the mountains. My motive of exploring markets and churches of Dalhousie was really coming true at the time since the sun was setting down and the city started to take bath in yellow lights. However, it wasn’t a good time for photography. A good thing about travelling is that it takes you close to the locals so that you can understand and explore and Churches of Dalhousie

markets and Churches of Dalhousie


While I was still wandering in the busy markets and churches of Dalhousie, I came across Indo Tibetan market. A market place with a narrow path, with shops on both the side, is a main attraction here. The shops here sell clothes, souvenirs, bags, and other handicrafts and artifacts items. And after strolling long in the busy streets of Dalhousie and after exploring the markets, I felt like eating something. So I saw a South Indian restaurant in front of me and without any delay I entered there. I ordered a Maharaja Dosai  and that summed up my dinner for the day.


  • When we had visited Dalhousie in winter it was absolutely deserted! All the markets were closed and just a few locals eating momos could be seen. Despite all that or probably because of the silence it was endearingly beautiful.

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