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Reasons Why Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s Favourite

Travelling to mountains and in the lap of nature covered by thick green foliage is always my favourite recreational activity.  I am sure there are millions like me out there who love to spend some time away from the city noise in the middle of nature. Imagine yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains where the sound of waterfall, the ambient music of nature and birds is what to get to hear and all you see are big alpine trees trying to kiss the sky, green gorges and that’s it, will you ever feel like coming back? There is a place here in India, not too far from Delhi and the name is Mcleod Ganj. And that’s why Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s favourite.

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I remember having told you several times that I love to travel solo. And a place like Mcleod Ganj is a paradise for solo travellers. Just pack the bags and leave the worries behind before reaching this Little Lhasa tucked in the Kangra Valley in Dharamshala. The place is now a major destination for solo travellers who come here from the entire world and spend some time in the tranquillity of nature. No doubt, there are many more places like this, but I have a personal connection with Mcleod Ganj and I also know there are many like me who have some memories with this beautiful place.

If I start counting the reasons which put Mcleod Ganj on every traveler’s bucket list, the list will be very long. Yet, I will try to share my views on why Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s favourite and why people, especially of young prefer coming here. An ideal destination for camping and trekking, Mcleod Ganj is packed with natural beauty and several things to do in this little down and its surrounding regions, not too much far from the center.

When I have to describe Mcleod Ganj to someone, I often get confused about what to say. Some think it is a place to unwind and detox yourself from the toxins of routine life. Some say it is a heavenly destination for bag packers and solo travellers. While some consider it a stoner’s den. Well, to my mind whatever people say, Mcleod Ganj is a beautiful place which nature has blessed us with.

Geographically, Mcleod Ganj is located at an elevation of around 2082m. Travelling to Mcleod Ganj is itself an experience. Passing through the spiral ways of the route, where one side is guarded by the rocks and the other side are deep gorges which can scare anyone, Mcleod Ganj is reached by such an adventurous journey. Brimming with Buddhist culture and tradition, you will find traces of British colonial influence such as St John Church in Wilderness which might interest someone who loves history. So, pick up your bag, plug in your earphone, play your favourite music playlist with songs themed on travel and come here.

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Let us understand the top 5 reasons why Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s favourite

  1. Mcleod Ganj is the gateway to entry-level trekking.

Mcleod Ganj opens ways for the travellers to trek. Just a hike of 2km from Mcleod Ganj makes you reach Dharamkot and from Dharamkot, start your entry-level trekking to Triund. The trek is almost 10km or something and the difficulty level is elementary. Hence, most of the people and youngsters who want to taste the trekking come Mcleod Ganj. I too did my first ever full trekking in Mcleod Ganj only. Other famous nearby treks are Kangra Valley trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, Guna Devi Temple trek, Kareri River trek, etc.

  1. Mcleod Ganj is everyone’s favourite because you can camp here.

Located around 480km from Delhi, Mcleod Ganj is not only visited for trekking but also camping as well. After reaching Triund via trekking, one can stay at the top, rent out a tent and camp overnight in Triund. This is yet another big reason which makes Mcleod Ganj everyone’s favourite. The camping experience at Triund is truly incredible. However, since June 2019 (if I am not wrong), camping at Triund is stopped by the local authorities. I hope it will be resumed soon.

  1. Mcleod Ganj lets you immerse in Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Mcleod Ganj is totally drenched in Tibetan Buddhist culture. There are monasteries and Dalai Lama Temple and everything that will make you feel like being in a Tibetan town. You can visit the monastery, speak with the monks, meditate for a while and enjoy some authentic Tibetan food.

  1. Mcleod Ganj opens ways of many nearby incredible destinations.

Mcleod Ganj serves as the main center for several nearby locations where you can go and have a good time. Whether you have to enjoy the tranquillity of nature at Bhagsu Waterfalls or you want to camp at Triund, whether you want to go Dharamkot or you want to visit Naddi village, Mcleod Ganj is your place.

  1. Mcleod Ganj drenches you in the serenity of nature.

Whether you are tired of your routine life or your corporate life is way too boring, or even if you just want to take some time out and want to spend some me in the lap of nature, take a bus to Mcleod Ganj without a delay. When you reach here, the cold environment and the fresh air will pull out all the negativity from you and you will be totally drenched in the vibes of Mcleod Ganj. The snow-clad mountains of Dhauladhar Range look majestic. Not only you will feel energized but getting close to nature brings freshness and positivity.

There are numerous activities and things to do in Mcleod Ganj and we all know camping and trekking are among them. You can visit Tsug La Khang, Namgyal Monastery, Dal Lake, etc. If trekking to Triund is not your cup of tea then trek to Bhagsu Nag and you will reach a stunning place with picturesque views from the top. Though the city is bustling with life, yet you will find peace and comfort here.

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I have visited Mcleod Ganj twice and I still feel like visiting again. The first time I visited was my first ever solo trip while the second time I visited with a friend of mine and I will surely visit it again the next year. With numerous places to visit in Mcleod Ganj and its surrounding areas be it the Dharamshala or Kangra, one never really gets tired of coming here. There is always freshness in the air and reminiscence is always incredible.

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I do travel to explore new places but I don’t get tired of visiting back those places which have some connection. Since I did my first ever solo travelling, solo trekking and solo camping everything on the same trip at Mcleod Ganj only, it will always be close to my heart. Moreover, trekking and camping are two major reasons which is why Mcleod Ganj attracts people every year. Similarly, I visited Jaipur when everyone was about to change their calendar of 2017 to 2018 (just few days were left); I was at Amer Fort on 24th December 2017, if I can recall correctly. I went back to the same place i.e. Amer Fort around the same time in December 2018 to say goodbye to the year. Let’s see if I can go this time.

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Most of time, I work as a full time corporate slave; so I barely get time to travel. However, I travel on weekends which is the only way I can get to travel to my favourite destinations. If you are also like me, you can easily schedule out your weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and can easily come to this place. Leave Friday night and return Sunday night and you will be back to your place Monday morning. That’s how I usually travel which makes me work smoothly as well.

Mcleod Ganj is loaded with everything for everyone. Is Mcleod Ganj your favourite destination as well? What makes Mcleod Ganj your favourite as well? What memories do you have connected with this place? Let me know in the comment section below and share it with your friends who have been to Mcleod Ganj or who are planning to visit Mcleod Ganj.

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